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Software Testing is a process of verifying a computer system/program to decide whether it meets the specified requirements and produces the desired results. As a result, you identify bugs in software product/project.Software Testing is indispensable to provide a quality product without any bug or issue.Software Testing as a Career pays Less Developers are more respected as compared to Testers Contrary to popular belief, Software Testers (better known as QA professionals) are paid and treated at par with Software Developers in all "aspiring" companies. A career in Software Testing should never be considered as "second rated."



Get the widest variety of innovative php projects topics and ideas for php development with source codes at SRU Academy. Php is an open source and powerful language for web development. Php based projects are quite user friendly for development as well as database processing functions. We posses the greatest list of php projects for students, engineers and researchers. These php based systems are provided for php development learning and understanding through hands on project learning kit. We provide php projects with source code for php project learning & development.


A PHP Framework is a basic platform that allows us to develop web applications. In other words, it provides structure. By using a PHP Framework, you will end up saving loads of time, stopping the need to produce repetitive code, and you’ll be able to build applications rapidly (RAD). Without a PHP Framework in place, it gets much more difficult to produce applications since you’ll have to repeatedly code a lot of PHP. You’ll also have to execute the connection between your database and whatever application you develop from scratch. Meanwhile, using a PHP Framework makes it easier for you to ensure this connection.

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PHP - CMS & Other Frame Works

PHP CMS is very popular in today’s time. We provides PHP CMS Training where you learn how to manage PHP website and content management.CMS is a tool for website to manage a website from one secured place.CMS provides the ability to perform many software’s and plugins to customize the things like search engine optimization,Web development & designing tools etc with no knowledge of HTML.There are many PHP CMS in web market,here we are introduce to you Popular PHP CMS:-

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