SRU IT Finishing School

What makes our Academy stand out is a clear vision to offer a good value education.

Being among the fastest growing economies in the world, India had no dearth of talented young graduates; be it for IT, ITES, manufacturing or for other traditional service sectors. However, graduates in India definitely fall short when it comes to the achievement of employment of choice. This is typically true especially in modern, technology-enabled sectors. The discredit obviously goes to the lack of employability skills on the part of graduates.

The concept of IT finishing school was introduced by Mr.Sebin K Xavier(founder of SRU Academy) in 2017. As an IT finishing school, SRU Academy assists the Talent Acquisition teams of leading corporations in scouting for fresh talented, scrutinizing trainable candidates out of them and train them on technical(hands-on), analytical and behavioural skills and ultimately converts them into employable workforce. Companies find such candidates as deployable and ready-to-work professionals. Eventually it’s a win-win affair for both the corporate and for the candidate. The above said transformation is made possible by the meticulously designed learning framework which is a brainchild of IT industry stalwarts. Following are our specialized finishing school programs which are tailor made based on continuous market surveys to suit the fast phased and changing industry.